The Medium Review

Far from the Silent Hill spiritual successor games media painted it as pre-release, sparked by Akira Yamaoka's involvement, The Medium is nonetheless an interesting fork in Bloober Team's portfolio. It's their most ambitious project, but ambition doesn't translate to quality. The Niwa Hotel The Medium's plot follows Marianne, a grieving medium who receives a call … Continue reading The Medium Review

Romance with Haven

Video games have had a complicated relationship with romantic...relationships. But what about *insert game with romance options here* ? Most games treat relationships as an act of lust. Rewarding players through building a bond with a relationship, often solidified by a kiss or sex scene, simplifies their complicated nature. This official label is also often … Continue reading Romance with Haven

Devil May Cry 5’s Cathartic Purity

Devil May Cry 5's existence is remarkable. Devil May Cry 4's troubled development led to a positive response upon launch, which has fallen more out of favor as discourse has evolved through the years. Ninja Theory's divisive reboot, followed by a Definitive Edition release two years later didn't instill much confidence in the original series' … Continue reading Devil May Cry 5’s Cathartic Purity