Easy Day Studios Has Mishandled Skater XL

Skater XL's pre and post-launch support is some of the worst in the live-service area. Updates have come so infrequently with the eight month early access period receiving little support followed by the 1.1 update arriving five months after a lackluster 1.0. Add in the studio's lead developer's alleged departure made with no fanfare and … Continue reading Easy Day Studios Has Mishandled Skater XL

Romance with Haven

Video games have had a complicated relationship with romantic...relationships. But what about *insert game with romance options here* ? Most games treat relationships as an act of lust. Rewarding players through building a bond with a relationship, often solidified by a kiss or sex scene, simplifies their complicated nature. This official label is also often … Continue reading Romance with Haven

Devil May Cry 5’s Cathartic Purity

Devil May Cry 5's existence is remarkable. Devil May Cry 4's troubled development led to a positive response upon launch, which has fallen more out of favor as discourse has evolved through the years. Ninja Theory's divisive reboot, followed by a Definitive Edition release two years later didn't instill much confidence in the original series' … Continue reading Devil May Cry 5’s Cathartic Purity

Love, Loss, and Lost Odyssey

Disclaimer: Heavy Lost Odyssey Spoilers Inbound Since home console gaming's inception nearly 50 years ago, the industry has tackled most subject matter. Violence, in particular, has remained a reliable standby. Many games either parody the industry's absurdist violent depictions or chastise gamers for finding pleasure in killing. This is worn out discourse in 2020. With … Continue reading Love, Loss, and Lost Odyssey