New Things Coming

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site. In the years since I’ve written articles, I’ve contributed to other publication such as GameRevolution, BagoGames, and GamingInstincts. All those were worthwhile opportunities, but I think it’s time I turn this site into something bigger.

Over the coming weeks, PassionForGames will become a bigger part of my writing moving forward. In allowing me the freedom to work for myself, I’ll be able to put forth my best writing. Hopefully, some of you would be willing to support me and possibly donate to make this a viable path.

Maybe this won’t pan out the way I’m hoping, but rest assured, I’m a passionate writer that loves to criticize video games and I believe being given the freedom to write what I want instead of working for an employer that pays nothing or next to nothing will provide the motivation I need.

I am grateful for anyone that may show support for this. As a tease, my first article as part of this “rebranding” will examine Lost Odyssey, its themes of love and loss, and how it communicates that message.

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