The Medium Review

Far from the Silent Hill spiritual successor games media painted it as pre-release, sparked by Akira Yamaoka's involvement, The Medium is nonetheless an interesting fork in Bloober Team's portfolio. It's their most ambitious project, but ambition doesn't translate to quality. The Niwa Hotel The Medium's plot follows Marianne, a grieving medium who receives a call … Continue reading The Medium Review

Easy Day Studios Has Mishandled Skater XL

Skater XL's pre and post-launch support is some of the worst in the live-service area. Updates have come so infrequently with the eight month early access period receiving little support followed by the 1.1 update arriving five months after a lackluster 1.0. Add in the studio's lead developer's alleged departure made with no fanfare and … Continue reading Easy Day Studios Has Mishandled Skater XL

Devil May Cry 5’s Cathartic Purity

Devil May Cry 5's existence is remarkable. Devil May Cry 4's troubled development led to a positive response upon launch, which has fallen more out of favor as discourse has evolved through the years. Ninja Theory's divisive reboot, followed by a Definitive Edition release two years later didn't instill much confidence in the original series' … Continue reading Devil May Cry 5’s Cathartic Purity

Love, Loss, and Lost Odyssey

Disclaimer: Heavy Lost Odyssey Spoilers Inbound Since home console gaming's inception nearly 50 years ago, the industry has tackled most subject matter. Violence, in particular, has remained a reliable standby. Many games either parody the industry's absurdist violent depictions or chastise gamers for finding pleasure in killing. This is worn out discourse in 2020. With … Continue reading Love, Loss, and Lost Odyssey

Writing for Bagogames (2020 Update)

For any followers or viewers that may have happened upon this blog site: I have been writing for for a few months. If anyone that may see this is interested in following my work, I'll link my author page. Edit: as of January this year, I now write weekly articles for Gaming Instincts. … Continue reading Writing for Bagogames (2020 Update)

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Prey 2017, and The Modern Immersive Sim

The mid-late 90's spawned the immersive sim, a genre defined by influential PC titles such as Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock with the original Deus Ex following suit at the start of the millenium. Ion Storm and Looking Glass Studios pioneered the open-ended design we currently associate the genre with--design that consists of two core … Continue reading Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Prey 2017, and The Modern Immersive Sim